“Green and Clean” is our philosophy.  Curb Appeal is everything — whether drive-by, newspaper ads, fliers, or magazines – Curb Appeal motivates potential residents to visit our properties.  Cornerstone’s dedicated staff is highly trained to generate traffic.

Our extensive marketing system includes:

  • “Green and Clean” Curb Appeal.
  • Quarterly market surveys ensure competitive rental pricing.
  • Outreach marketing to local businesses and shopping centers.
  • Banners and balloons.
  • Results-oriented Newspaper, Magazine, and Internet advertising

Property Management

Cornerstone Property Services is a full service property management company.  With over 25 years of experience in managing apartments and commercial buildings, we provide your investment with the expertise needed to be successful.  Our portfolio shows our proficiency in repositioning mismanaged properties and providing clean, affordable living for our residents.



One of the keys to success in managing a community is having quality, well trained, professional management and staff who understand every aspect of our communities. Cornerstone ensures our dedicated team receives the following:

  • Consistent and professional training on a regular basis
  • Close supervision and support from their regional manager
  • Constant training in all aspects of management, maintenance and leasing


Cornerstone believes that Knowledge is Power.  Utilizing state-of-the-art property management software, Cornerstone’s management team meets weekly to assess the performance, needs, and goals of each community.  Cornerstone monitors traffic, advertising, and expenses to consistently out perform the competition.

Owner Reporting Includes:

  • Weekly Income Report
  • Weekly Delinquency Report
  • Weekly Marketing and Traffic Report
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Monthly Budget Variance Report
  • Quarterly Market Survey


Cornerstone Property Services Maintenance Philosophy:


Address immediate needs with experienced, trained professionals 24/7.


Implement preventative maintenance programs to reduce costly future expenses


Provide continual training for our maintenance staff.