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Nanci Vincent

Nanci Vincent



Ms. Vincent joined Cornerstone Property Services in 2004. Ms. Vincent is a Partner and the Chief Financial Officer of Cornerstone Property Services. Ms. Vincent is responsible for all of the accounting functions, including monthly financial statements, draws and rehab draws for all properties..

Ms. Vincent is also responsible and oversees the human resource department for all Cornerstone employees, she is also responsible for onsite training and implication of policies and procedures. Ms. Vincent has over 35 years of experience in Accounting, Property Management, and Real Estate. Ms. Vincent received her Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree at the University of Washington.

Before joining Cornerstone Property Services Ms. Vincent was an accountant for Bridge Property Management, a residential and commercial property investment, development, and management organization consisting of over 8,000 multifamily units and over 2 million square feet of commercial space throughout the United States. Ms. Vincent ran the human resource department for over 300 employees as well as accounting and rehab draws for over 2,500 units and 4 development projects, which consisted of 3 golf courses. Ms. Vincent also ran the training department and was responsible for training any new employees.


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