Cornerstone Property Services

COrnerStone Property Services


Our Mission

The ultimate goal of Cornerstone Property Services is to maximize the cash flow and enhance the property value of our client’s investments.

We understand that the primary value of our company is our relationship with our clients. Therefore we strive to provide the highest quality service with honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

Meet The Team

Our property management team plays a critical role in the success of your property. You need a team that is responsive, knowledgeable,  and friendly.

Larry LeSueur

President & CEO

Larry LeSueur over the past 30 years has had extensive experience in the management and repositioning of apartments and various types of commercial properties.

Norm King

Senior Partner

Norm King joined Cornerstone in 2004 as a Senior Partner and continues to be involved with acquisitions and business development.  Mr. King has invested in many of the Real Estate partnership projects that Cornerstone has been involved with.  

Nanci Vincent

Partner & CFO

Nanci. Vincent joined Cornerstone Property Services in 2004. Ms. Vincent is a Partner and the Chief Financial Officer of Cornerstone Property Services. Ms. Vincent is responsible for all of the accounting functions, including monthly financial statements, draws and rehab draws for all properties..

Zack Allen

Partner, VP & Designated Broker

Zack Allen joined Cornerstone Property Services in 2004 and serves as the Vice President of Property Management and Designated Broker. Mr. Allen oversees the management and operations of the multi-family portfolio along with assisting owners by keeping close and direct communication on all aspects of their real estate investment.

Conner Wise

Regional Manager & Marketing Specialist

Conner Wise joined Cornerstone in 2021 as a Regional Manager and Marketing Specialist. Mr. Wise is responsible for overseeing operations for a portion of the smaller properties in the Cornerstone Portfolio.

Colt Stewart

Regional Manager

Colt Stewart joined Cornerstone in 2021 as a Regional Manager. Mr. Stewart is responsible for overseeing operations for a portion of the single-family homes in the Cornerstone Portfolio.

Stephanie Asay

Regional Manager

Stephanie Asay originally joined Cornerstone in 2019 as an office assistant. Ms. Asay briefly left Cornerstone and is back now as a Regional Manager.

Austin Davis

Supervising Manager

Austin Davis joined Cornerstone in 2022 as a Supervising Manager. Mr. Davis assists at the Tucson properties as well as the Pinetop-Lakeside property.