Cornerstone Property Services

Zack Allen

Zack Allen joined Cornerstone Property Services in 2004 and serves as the Vice President of Property Management and Designated Broker. Zack oversees the management and operations of the multi family portfolio along with assisting owners by keeping close and direct communication on all aspects of their real estate investment.

Prior to joining Cornerstone Property Services Zack Allen was involved in single family management. When managing single family investments Mr. Allen gained valuable experience in marketing, “on-site” management, maintenance, and the importance of reporting and corresponding with the owner of each investment. Prior to Mr. Allen’s involvement in real estate he was a manager for the University of Phoenix where he received valuable experience managing employees, selling, creating a “team” atmosphere, motivation, and much more which has served as a great value in his involvement with the on-site team at Cornerstone.  Much of the success in his career at Cornerstone is credited to his ability to surround himself with quality, hardworking staff.  

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